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CUMGUN (Can): "Suck the Guts from My Slut" MCd s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 17/05/2006 16:28:00


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Code: cumshot-002

Running Time: 9:09

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Cumgun is a relatively young band from Quebec, Canada featuring an ex-member of Anal Bleeding. Musically they seem to have strong ties to Cock and Ball Torture's downtuned slams, even though they just make up to this with some blasts as well. The guitarswork is simple, that kind of riffs that make no sense if you don't have that ton-heavy rack behind you that pumps basses to the point of saturation. Very dense but also excellently mixed, thanks to the guy from Vomit Remnants who seem to have taken care of the sound engineering. The vocals are maybe the most singular element of difference between this band and mid-history CBT (Opus(sy) period for instance), as they don't sound harmonized or gargly at all, just totally suine in the Enmity, Bound and Gagged, Sikfuk tradition, very very low and incomprehensible but nonetheless sounding natural. I am not overly enthusiastic for the total pig squeals as they sound a bit more acute to my ears than sane, natural growls (old Broken Hope, old Dying Fetus etc), and possibly could have fitted better a band that wants total density like Cumgun, but I can adapt. Four songs out of nine in this MCd (short songs, indeed) are recorded live from Cryptopsy's Engineer so you can expect a good sound live as well. I read about a possible full length, might be worth checking out, this MCd is less than 10 fucking minutes!

My French is non-existant so I cannot decyphrate the intros (let alone the squeals they have for vocals) but I suppose they're from some porn sado-bondage-movie or whatever, just to stay in the holy C.B.T. aura. The packaging is nice for a self-produced product, even though the Photoshop "emboss every-fucking-thing" frenzy has struck here as well. Good concept though, definitely above average, but might be improved.

Summing it up: good goregrind with super-clear production that fits more Brutal Death Metal but the overall feel is nice for lovers of all-around heaviness; I won't bet on the reaction of those into more filth and crusty rough goregrind (see Pulmonary Fibrosis). And remember, ebossing logos is never a good choice.


Tracks (9): 1 - Vaginale Composte 2 - Rottes Ma Deche 3 - Ritte a Fesse 4 - Jeune En Naive 5 - Cumshot Heroes 6 - Legalize Teen Prostitution 6 - Laisses-Toj Faire 8 - The Hillside Stranglers 9 - Criss De Grosse Torche