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PULMONARY FIBROSIS (Fra): "Surgical Execution" Cd 2005 Fresh Flesh

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 16/05/2006 20:52:00


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Code: FF002

Running Time: 19:14

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Pulmonary Fibrosis are no stranger to releases. While no fucking Agathocles or Nunslaughter they have enstabilished a good roster of tracks in a 7-year span, and this Cd is basically a show of their progression and a glimpse of what's to come. First 12 tracks are all old live material recorded in 2002 while new tracks from 2006 are contained in a single mega-track at the end of the disc, so basically you hear some change. Musicwise you probably know what to expect; while the sound changes from time to time, apart from minimal stylistical variations the music is striclty goregrind of the old school of early Dead Infection, early Malignant Tumour etc. The guitar riffs are generally superfast and sound almost casual, regurgitated in a mix of garglin'/harmonized vocals and drumming which doesnt't even try to keep a strict symmetry with the guitars (who's that for anyway?). Lovely 20-60 seconds songs revamp a bit that old school of goregrind that had NO damn tie with Death Metal. Like said before the sound is dark and humid, so saturated it doesn't even seem to keep the same volume (as if they're moving around), kinda typical live stuff.

The packaging is rather bare and stock-full of amateurish errors of presentation. The pictures are depixelated, fuzzy, thrown in the layout as if they were old school cut-and-paste photos. Unluckily the trick doesn't work very well with computer graphics and so the single-cardboard-sheet you get for cover looks quite cheap despite the ideas are nice. The concept rotates around the mad surgeon theme, in line with their name, I assume (the pulmonary fibrosis is a disfunction where the tissue of the lungs hardens and makes it more diffiicult to oxygenate blood and breathe).

There is a nice bonus video included, which in the beginning I thought was taken in a rehearsal room. Then people started to appear in the corners and I saw a bar serving beers 1 meter from the band. It is a full concert, actually, where you manage to see the band in person. Totally enjoyable poser-free attitute but also no-nonsense. Looks good live, the singer is a big bearded man with some charisma.

This is the first release I hear from this new label Fresh Flesh but they already released a split Cd between our PM and Dahmerized. Overally damn cool old school stuff, the new shit sounds a bit more calculated, replenished with a couple of intermezzos (in the Agathocles vein) but it turns to croaks and chaos as soon as the song starts kicking. Cool stuff.


Tracks (13): 1 - Intro 2 - Organ Maggots 3 - The Pus Pectoral Rigid Sector Drag You in Clots Blastomy Finished 4 - Facial Mastification Cadaveric Sub Tumours 5 - Thought the Inflammed Exudation 6 - Ferocious Disgorge Depraving in your Body 7 - Compres of Pulmonary Perenchyma 8 - Deformation & Calcification of Valve 9 - Shortcut 10 - Prelude to Agony 11 - Neuroblastoma Injected by Viral Castocena 12 - Disordered Faeces Junction 13 - 10 extra songs session