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PENIS LEECH (Ita): "Eternally Encrypted" tape 2000 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

The cheap embossing Photoshop trick on the logo might be a bit disturbing (it is for me ehm) for DIY maniacs, and the glossy covers shows the material is not garage stuff. But. The band itself is definitely NOT cheap. A short history lesson : PENIS LEECH have existed in one form or another ever since 1995, when they had an almost entirely different line up (including the actual NATRON singer), starting up as a Grind core band, the music got increasingly heavier, more technical and big as the years rolled on terminating in one of (in my opinion) leading Death metal bands in my country. I think that on a purely technical perspective, this demo is shocking, the recording is as neat as any latest BROKEN HOPE album, the vocals have the guttural, stomach wrenching curl of NECROPHAGIST and DYING FETUS, and yes, if I can indulge on this last band, I think some of the vocal patterns could be fairly referred to them, especially when it gets more slamming and pounding. PENIS LEECH play Death Metal, they don't give a fuck to hide it, and they play it the American way, and so fucking well they could submerge 99% of the actual American scene in their poo and pee. A genetical abomination made up of DEEDS OF FLESH and FLESHGRIND the riffs are big and complex, thick as a puke ejected after a paella meal, kinda remind me even of SUFFOCATION at times, when everything stops and start again with a concatenation of mind spanning melodic (again SUFFO school) solos and brutal meat chomping blasts, but I repeat, everything performed much better than your average rapcore American clone, this band actually don't just strike the floor of the stage with their feet while performing, they have catchiness and professionalism... I have heard only two bands in all of Italy that play this particular untainted kind of Death Metal (NATRON some years ago and not UNDERHATE), and PENIS LEECH is definitely the third voice in the field (and beat me now, maybe the best one as well). Two thumbs up, damn fucking great.


Tracks (3): 1 - Altered Genetic Structure 2 - Stomathological Devastation 3 - Necropedophile Orgasm