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NUCLEAR DEATH (USA/AZ ): "The Planet Cachexial" Cd 1996 Cat's Meow

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 30:45

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When the band was united, NUCLEAR DEATH was ultimate. Ultimate artwork, ultimate sickness, ultimate horror, deprivation, nightmarish music. Then something happened, Phil left the band for EROTICIDE for unknown reasons (reasons Laura skips to talk about like leprosy, either ignoring the questions or not ansering with short one-word sentences) and NUCLEAR DEATH changed face forever. But contrarily to what I expected, you can still tell it's them, even if they are not the grinding vortex of folly they were some years ago, the horror, the obscene unescapable consciousness of disharmonic grue beyond the veil of reality is still here, obscene, depraved textures of fury, mindless gods, perverted creatures still crawl between the shrieks and fuzzy laden soundscapes of the Planet Cachexial. Originally to be called "Slumberblood" this CD is something of the most dark, deprivating material I have ever heard: beware it's neither fast nor thrash/grind in any way, it's mostly slow, grey, hallucinating music who just injects fear into your blood, you can hear the whispers, the obscene rituals of these alien beings, breath the heavy moist air of the planet... the CD comes with a booklet who summarily describes the concept of the work with some artwork and acid lyrics. Cachexial is an old, perverted world beyond salvation, inhabited by monstruous beings that came right out of a nightmare, sometimes I recall flashes of Lovecraft blasphemies although the intention is not clearly stated anywhere within this disc. The music does not follow a straight pattern, it's just a trip who brings you into atrocious poetry of music and noise, if you let yourself being dragged through the music you could probably hear the dissonance, the silences, the distant screams, and slowly but unerringly the shapes begin to take form in front of your eyes... deformed by eons of hate and cruelty... this music is art for my ears, take some sort of drugs and walk in the fog with this Cd in your ears and I can promise you a rope around your neck, this is the sort of terror who really sucks you in, obscene beyond words.. a theatre of bones and deformities. Grotesque and immortal, NUCLEAR DEATH is still capable of one masterpiece after masterpiece, just don't think conventional, NUCLEAR DEATH shits over your conventional thought patterns, they ARE horror personified, and horror takes no form but the one you fear most. Get the Planet Cachexial from Cat's Meow (which is just Laura as far as I know, and only release ND stuff eheh) . and shiver in humiliation.


Tracks (11): 1 - Cachexial 2 - Raped by the Wiengd 3 - Birthing of Slumberblood 4 - Grimalkin be Spoiled 5 - The Ground Hath Noses 6 - Ve"At 7 - Into Zyrèlyà 8 - Oh Father Death. Taketh Me! 9 - Wardance 10 - 'Tis Ne'r Over 'til The fat Thing Screams 11 - Amanuensis to Basiliscus Pentè