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VV.AA.: "Roadkill" Cd 1999 Pavement Europe/System Shock

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Hm. Sometimes compilations can be a cool instrument to get to know various underground bands, and sometimes they are just boring collection of overheard music. Sometimes instead, like this, they are neither of the two. All of the bands are pretty well known and the disc just give you the impression to listen to some sampler you get in high rate magazines. Like any moderately important label, the bands from this comp span several genres. Some are unbearable like SOLITUDE AETERNUS, some like VADER or MALEVOLENT CREATION are much better. What kind of review can I write? The comp spans from old school speed/thrash like FEAR OF GOD (ex-DÉTENTE), to slamming Brutal Death like INTERNAL BLEEDING to laughable attempt at Melodic Death like DARKSIDE. A bit disperse if you ask me. Other bands featured are CRAWL (forgettable crossover), the great CASTIGATE, grandfathers MASTER, HATE PLOW… what is puzzling is that some of the bands in the comp are LONG time dead (in the case of FEAR OF GOD, physically as well as the singer died of overdose) like DEEMTED TED… weird…seems like Pavement is trying to promote its unsold stuff from its store.


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