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VV.AA.: "Scream Forth Blasphemy: A Tribute to Morbid Angel" Cd 2000 Dwell

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 57:56


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The unstoppable flow of compilation CDs and tributes have rapidly grown me bored if I'm to be honest, however to receive this one compilation in particular was far beyond any of my expectations. First and foremost this is surely the most successful and complete of all the long series of Dwell tributes, completely packed with great music and designed to very high level standards, starting from the cover which while very simple, takes out the favorite aspect of MORBID ANGEL's personality, roaring hell fires and medieval demonic iconography, shadows of Ancient Gods and grotesque bas relief. Musically however, this comp ripples with amazing material performed by highest standards musicians (Ok, keep in mind these are MORBID ANGEL songs, they're not straight to play at all...), among whose I counted at least half a dozen of the best musicians who were playing at the time of the release: DIABOLIC makes the most impressive of covers, in a way even more fierce and defiantly brutal than the creators, with "Rapture", follows our European champions, CENTURIAN (the tale behind this song is murky, as Wim has told me they had recommended Dwell not to publish this song...), while ANGEL CORPSE perform a version of "Demon Seed" which, no kidding, is really better than the original one.... I say it all ... this cover is something to peel your face with cruelty.. And then COFFIN TEXTS, HEADHUNTER DC which make em so much darker... WITHERED EARTH tunes "Day of Suffering" so low it grunts like a huge rock rolling down a stone passage although basically the song remains the same, then I was happy to see at least two Black Metal bands, both legends for me, acknowledge M.A.'s importance, both with very straight to the point covers, MYSTIFIER (a classic BM band for those who don't know them) and BLACK WITCHERY (considered the best in USA right now, and therefore of Europe as well)... some other songs fall in the average range of good skilled imitations although lacking some personality, I shall name DRACONIS, DAMNATION, AURORA BOREALIS and EXMORTIS but what the fuck... if you want to get one tribute this year, that's the one.


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