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UTOPIE (Ger): "Instinct for Existence" Cd 1999 Bizarre Leprous/Disgorgement of Squash Bodies

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

2 piece classic Gore Grind band in the vein of MUCUPURULENT or PURULENT SPERMCANAL with two vocal styles that alternate all through the songs of the disc, one down tuned, guttural, the other a sort of diseased, crepitating lament which remind me of the effected backings used in CARCASS "I Reek of Putrefaction" era. Most of the tempos are kept to a rhythmic, rocking mid tempo level with few accelerations, but to replace the lack of blastbeats they have kept the whole work quite sick, dark and festering. The cover artwork is a living sculpture by Nitsh, lot of blood splattered white with a guy crucified and blindfolded in front of a slaughtered animal. Killer choice although there are some errors in the layout in the back and the song list is confused.


Tracks (16):