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THE URGRUND (Aus): "Drenched in Blood"MCd 2000 Spikekult

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: SPK011

Running Time: 16:10

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Other releases from this band

This MCD (basically a 7" released on Warlore remixed and improved) follows at large, Spikekult concepts and style. Colorless Black fucking Metal of the best sort (aye, Spikekult IS the best Black Metal label around... although it goes forth and back from the dead a bit too often to follow), the kind that seeds hate, destruction, and violence towards life in general. To anroll the club, you have to fit this description, and URGRUND fits the role like a glove. Bloodthirsty and martial, this is kinda cross between black metal with the same old screeching lyrics and something more military, I won't dare to bring similarities with latest DESTROYER 666 or SOL becouse that won't exactly fit the idea. The recording however is impeccable and while it never gets to atonishing high speeds it maintains some integrity, even fair melody. The lyrics are generally interesting as well, although like all bands that put vik runes, iron crosses, german bombs, and cite "Aryan pride" and "White Circle" in their lyrics, they define themselves "not political" and absolutely "historical" eheh... I wonder the reason of all this correctness but what the fuck. URGRUND by a sheer musical lever is much more easier listeing that older crude BM although it gets some interest as well. It belongs to the newest brand of intellectual/warlike metal, if you're into this kind of stuff, get it, personally, I think it's just OK.Vote gets slightly better for the stronmg identity and coherence anyway.


Tracks (5): 1 - A Path to the End 2 - Drenched in Blood 3 - Bringer of Damnation 4 - Oskereien 5 - In Apocalyptic Ruins