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UNGOD (Fin): "Gracefallen" Cd 1999 Avantgarde

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Over one full hour of ball-grinding tediousness. That UNHOLY are able to articulate complex weaves of progressive slow Death (Doom is largely inappropriate) is undeniable and I don't go deep in the topic here o the difference. Fact is, whispers, female vocals and keyboards used this way have reached levels of saturation in my scrotum in the end they almost exploded. Towards the end of the disc, there is some reminiscence to real old school doomish bands such as DECOMPOSED but really take it too far in the experimental field on the long run. Whispers, crude vocals that don't frighten even my cat, and the use of some other instruments (or keyboards) have a gluing effect done in the whole texture, but the music is tight, the structure strong and the guitar sound so acidic it could sometimes even be compared to old ABRUPTUM… but then the few lashes of interesting grimness fade away when the witch-haired pussy starts to show us how fitting her vocals are to doomish metal and transform it in happy folk shit. Whatever, I got bored to Death. And then some more… and then suddently the chicken shuts and only slow… doom sadness remains… and I really wonder what the fist 20 minutes of shit have to do in this release… the end of the disc is great…


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