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SANITY'S DAWN (Ger): "Mangled in the Meatgrinder" Cd 1997 Shredded

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Code: SHR2810

Running Time: 41:45

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I know what many (included myself) would say looking at the cover artwork, this is an EXHUMED ripoff! (Remember the kitchen cover in "Gore Metal"? And well, the sound can be broadly be grouped with EXHUMED as well. But. There are many points when the two bands differ and not only in band pictures (they seem to be much in the anti-poser/funny mood, you know, when you have to take idiot pics at all costs, there is a guy eating a sandwich in the booklet...oh well), indeed SANITY'S DAWN music in this Cd was supreme: the guitars monstrously distorted, the vocals (Harmonized+high pitched) cross the verge of madness, all in a very Gore-Metal (I won't call this gore-grind) way, the music flows smootly and metallish and is enriched by samples, coughs, burps, squashing noises,.. once you enter the Cd, you're sucked in, I swallowed it all in a day, and spinned it for one week without changing it, I come to say it's even better than EXHUMED at times, chaotic, vorticatiing yet so funnily splatter in the lyrics. It really gets deviated, each song is a Cd per se, and you can tell each after one listen after the first spin. Biggest SANITY'S DAWN release, for gore-sucking freaks only.


Tracks (16): 1 - Burp 2 - Mangled in the Meatgrinder 3 - Gargling with Rancid Pus 4 - I Eat Shit 5 - Schleimhautsepsis 6 - Suppurative Pustules 7 - Fleisch 8 - Koerperfresser 9 - Nice to Eat You 10 - Morgue 11 - Cancer Comes Cadaverous 12 - I Need You for Barbecue 13 - Sweet Scent of Suet - Soup 14 - Delicious Burst Ulcer by Maximum Microwave - Power 15 - Intestines Pierced Alive 16 - Ich Will Kuehe