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SANITY'S DAWN (Ger): "Chop Copper" Cd 2001 Shredded

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 37:47


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To be honest Sanity's Dawn is one of my fave gorgrind band ever ; so it is difficult for me to judge their new release . However , surely I can say that "Chop Copper" is very different from their previous releases , and probably this one is not for all those who loved "Mangled in the meatgrinder" their best quality peak !
In other words , it wouldn't mean that "Chop Copper" is a bad album , but i consider it as an evolution from goregrind to grindcore direction, and I hate this kind of progression ( even if the band declare : "More gore more fun" ) . Their sound now , is more clear, higher, and understandable , while in past was rawer and lower . Besides they've stopped to use burping harmonized gurgled vocals which made them well-known to all fans .
In conclusion a great grind release , but forget their old style : they wouldn't be no more the same !


Tracks (17): 1- half a brain 2- chop copper 3- peeling off the epidermis 4- fat stinking bitch 5- more gore, more fun 6- komisch im kopf 7- pulled out tongue for my kebap 8- sewing lampshades with a scrotum and spermatic cords 9- constipation conservation 10- sick, sick, I'm so sick 11- looks like rancid juice 12- punish me for being dumb 13- fat, splat and dead 14- horror city 15- warte nur ein weilchen 16- und die tragt mein bruder ais kravatte 17- shit splashing, lavatory smashing