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SUSPIRIA (Ita): "Psychotic Necrophilus" Cdr 2001 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 10:38

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I definitely can forgive the band for using the same cover artwork HAEMORRAGE used for a split EP. I can forgive em for having used the same inner artwork that REGURGITATE used for a cover on yet another split EP. I could easlily forgive 'em if the music they played was even farily in the slimy goregrind vein of the two aforementioned bands, but I cannot forgive them for having made me this sleepy. The songs are not just long, but all the 2 of them together seem to last an eternity. To describe this band is not that difficult, they're not bad, just average, just so damn average they immersed me in that state of semi-letargy I used to fall when confronting the nth average Scandinavian Black Metal band The riffs are a constant, fuzzy buzz that hit your soporific glans but this can be due to a not overly exciting production and sound engineering, I can point at least two spots when CANNIBAL CORPSE and OBITUARY riffs are carbon copied but after all this is just a demo, let's get it as a good start. But hey, they need some good vitamins to stand on their own feet with so many good bands around.


Tracks (2): 1 - Mortal Machine 2 - Psychotic Necrophilus