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Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 32:20


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Wow, there's nothing to do ! It seems Europe is living a new enthusiastic wave in goregrind. Indeed, after Regurgitate's brand-new masterpiece, another successful "Sublime" ( in all ways ) band rise upon the most perverted metal Olympus. These French grinders after splitting with Brazilians Rot (other Stakhanovist grind monster band), return to squash your brains with a full-length album, released by Bones Brigade (you know what do you expect from this label) . The excellent package box-set, introduce you to an indecent cover artwork inlay that reminds me something of Nekromantik movie (a pretty girl fucked by a mummified decomposed corpse). By this choice they've some censorship delays during the press. However here we find 21 delicious palatable trax title less and without lyrics in their own unique style, marked by a continuous frenzy drumming orgy! Now they don't have a bass-player, so they use a more distorted rhythmic obsessive guitar to replace it (do you remember Assuck ?) ,and in my opinion it improves the sound effect . Besides Cannibal Gutturalien Seb , gives the usual wonderful gurgles whirlpool sometimes helped by his fellow saw-bones . Each song smells of purulent bloody compulsion which leads your minds to a perpetual insanity . Surely one of the year's best release. "If you don't have it you are a weak blackish fool !"


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