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SPLATTERED CADAVER (USA/Wi): "Merciless Butchery" Cd 2000 United Guttural

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: UG014

Running Time: 34:10

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Other releases from this band

Fantastic. A uncontainable joy pervades my limbs when I find another band like this who don't give a fuck about clichès and delves deeper in the abyss of Ultrabrutal Death Metal. Ultimate . ultra-splatter artwork which is grotesque, explicit and crammed with blood and gore. Hyper-low guttural vocals, ultrafast blastbeats and lot of frighteningly compressed riffs, a dry, almost tribal drum sound which blasts all through a continuous spewing of lyrics dealing only with bowels, dismemberments, cannibalism, rape, beating and brutality. Top notch UG release this time, which by far crushes any overly slamming LIVIDITY, ENTORTUREMENT or old Rini-era INTERNAL BLEEDING. The music here blasts your fucking face from the earth, I think I can compare them summarily to other REALLY Brootal bands with capital "B" such as REGURGITATION, BRODEQUIN, DEEDS OF FLESH, DISGORGE (US) or MALIGNANCY. The guitar sound is really like a block of granite moved upon a stone floor, the riffs fast and tight as fuck, the vocals lower than low. There are not many more words one can use to describe SPLETTERED CADAVER, but "Brutal" suits like a glove. Impeccable production, good packaging (although it could have definitely been a bit better), great cover. Possibly one of the best recently signed American Death Bands. Killer.


Tracks (9): 1 - Dismembered for Pleasure 2 - Complete Carnage 3 - Cycles of Sickened Thoughts 4 - Embalmed Alive 5 - Fouly Discharging the Clots 6 - Merciless Butchery 7 - Priesticide 8 - Reconsumed 9 - Virgin Bloodbath