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SOILS OF FATE (Swe): "Sandstorm" Cd 2001 Retribute

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 35:54


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Usually when metalheads talks about Sweden , is only to refer to melodic death bands or in the worst case to the latest sensational sympho black metal ones ( puah !!! ) . In fact brutal death or grind are both quite unknown to this land , even if a glorious past has produced some great myths such as Necrony, Regurgitate, Deranged Luckyly, now there are Soils Of Fate to revitalize the genre ,in fact they play "ultra guttural blasting sickness" in the American way. Their previous demo Blood Serology was wonderful, but their debut CD is really a masterpiece ! It contains 5 new songs and 2 old taken from Blood Serology demo'98. Besides after the last track blank space ,there are also 2 bonus tracks , the first still taken from Blood Serology , the other from demo'97 ( so you can get an idea of their all discography ). According to me "Sandstorm" is the closest things I've listen since "Blasphemy made flesh". In other words we have : fast, intense various drumming with tons of double-bass and stop&go ( but sometimes it sounds a bit artificial too ) ; a sequence of incredibles riffs which alternates fast parts and slow moshing ones ( very similar to Dying Fetus or Internal Bleeding ) ; a bass-player who provides the rhytmic session with his talented work ; and an extremely guttural vocalist in the vein of Matty Way (ex Disgorge ). Obviously, they don't lack a certain melodic approach typical of Swedish bands , shown in all guitar solos! Surely it will satisfy all brutallers around!


Tracks (9): 1-life hijacker 2- sandstorm 3- 44 4- stripped humanity 5- half my blood 6- blunted on reality 7- assassins /bonuses 8- flowing under skin 9- F.O.T.C.