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SKUTY LODEM (Pol): "...sny Dnia" Cdr 2001 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

It's always a bit unnerving when the titles on the tracklist don't correspond to the actual tracks, but this time the xeroxed booklet says 2 songs, and my recorder sign 6... uhmmm. Anyway what should a gore/death webzine like Nuclear Abominations say about an atmospheric one-man band? I will tell you, I say good. Don't ask me the reason but sometimes I happen to like this kind of music, in small doses, and especially ONLY when they keep it 100% instrumental. If this promo was made with a computer, it's really frightening, can really computer music simulate human music so well? The first songs maintain a purely piano/keyoboard wholeness although with some fluted whispers able to create a distant, melanchoilic mood, a taste of years gone by, maybe even medieval... as the disc goes on, electronics spring up more evidently, as do some instruments simulated by some big keyboard I believe. Doesn't happen often to me to like this stuff, but this is OK, much like ATROPOS (see demos). Together with the electronic component, also come the vocals (sadly), which while perfectly fitting, always cause me a hole in my guts, but anyway, the music keeps on going rather interesting, being not the most proficient in this genre, I'd hazard a resemblance with BLOOD AXIS, although a bit less martial and a bit more classical in feel. Oh well, I am done with words, it's a CDR so if you're curious to hear this release, try a few lines at the guy behind the band, address below (nice city name, ah).


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