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SANATORIUM (Slo): "Internal Womb Cannibalism" Cd 2001 Forensick

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 32:57


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The surprising energy spread on-stage during their Italian tour-date (thanx to Michele for finding a place for their exhibition), suggested to most of the presents there, mainly flocked to listen Disgorge , to buy "Internal womb cannibalism", the last album from this Czech band ! Excellent artwork made by famous tattoist Jon Zig invites you to listen half an hour of honest brutal death played at good skills level . Fast and ordinary simple drum patterns ,coagulated by bass player , fix the direction of each song . The raw guitars insertion describes catchy riffs sometimes predictable . The outcoming ear-splitting is harmonized by 2 types vocals attack : one focused on usual brutal growls ; the other incredible deep and fat guttural, exhaled by a pale thin guy who growls also in Goreopsy . Don't miss this band !


Tracks (12): intro : symptoms 1- postmortal gorephobia 2-killing 3- that cunts name is heather 4- intravenous ejaculation 5- penis epidermis inflammation 6- the false prophet 7- bovine spongiform encephalopathy 8- dunwich morgue 9- dead virgin whore 10- internal womb cannibalism / outro : final goremageddon