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REGURGITATE (Swe): "Carnivorous Erection" Cd 2000 Relapse

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: RR 6465-2

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Other releases from this band

I think I can state it without raising too much dust from the graves, that REGURGITATE are today's leading Gore/Grind band, in which they thoroughly and proudly personify both sides of the definition: gore and grind summed up. Fast, crustily/punkishly (in a Swedish way) melodic blinding accelerations, short songs, and strong, exremely splatter interface (lyrics/artwork, although they keep it grotesque and humouristical sometimes, just read "Parade of the Decapitated Midgets") place the band top of this year's (2000) list of grind releases. Changes have however definitely shown since their previous full length, the songs are more defined and let's say, differenced, thanks much to a more strictly classical grindcore/crust structure. Anyway, the common points with other more strictly punkish Swedish acts such as Bombanfall and G-Anx end rather earlier, the sound is thick, crisp and compact, the artwork is detailed and cured to the brim of madness, the vocals are heavily harmonized so to sound almost like bubbling showers (a bit less exaggerated than CBT do tho) but yes, I don't think I am saying a big idiocy when I state the guitar patterns are fare more "core" than "metal" although sensibly more structured than before, songs remain short and to the point, and, yeah, more "mature" so to say. What strikes is the complete, impenetrable perfection of the whole product: it's an absolutely flawless album, every angle you want to see it. I had some bad experiences with the band in the past although I consider everything completely forgotten, I hope they do as well even if I think they barely remember my name. Alrik of GENOCIDE SS and the guy in NASUM make their appearance as guest vocalists. Really bulldozing, concrete heavy gore/grind of the best sort. An album that defines an era.


Tracks (38): 1 - The Pulsating Feast 2 - Domination Through Mutilation 3 - Escort Service of the Dead 4 - Obscene Body Slayings 5 - Fecal Freak 6 - Humiliated in Your Own Blood 7 - Just Another Stillborn 8 - Parade of the Decapitated Midgets 9 - Ruptured Remains in a Doggybag 10 - Copious Head Carnage 11 - Carnivorous Erection 12 - Relentless Pursuit of Rotting Flesh 13 - Swallow the Human Filth 14 - Dismantle the Afterbirth 15 - Choked in Shit 16 - Funeral Genocide 17 - Rancid Head of Splatter 18 - Rage Against Humanity 19 - To Boil a Corpse 20 - Bloody Pile of Human Waste 21 - Drenched in Cattleblood 22- Carbonated Death 23 - Skull of Shit and Sludge 24 - Desperate Need for Violation 25 - 37 Stabwounds 26 - Vomified (Regurgitated to the Core) 27 - Headless She Died 18 - Breath Like Rotten Meat 29 - I Wanna Kill 30 - Clawhammer Castration 31 - Festering Embryonic Vomit 32 - Smeared with Bloodmixed Semen 33 - You're About to Fuckin' Die 34 - Stinking Genital Warts 35 - Pyronecrobesiality 36 - Self-disembowelment 37 - Savage Gorewhore 38 - The Combustion and Consumption of Pyorrheic Waste