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RAHOVA (USA): "Cult of the Holy War" Cd 1995 Resistance

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 64:44


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Other releases from this band

I didn't know RAHOWA was an iconoclast band, but reading the lyrics of the Cd lots of things get clear. This is White Power music, with a fairly nostalgic/epic feel, the tracks mainly deal with the quest for a better world when the European blood will dominate again, fighting the falsity of the Christian blood for some uhm...I suppose pagan origin. There is some battle inspired feel in the songs, armies of brothers fighting for the purification of their blood and so on, basically for the genre, they could be cult, and the sincere dedication to their cause is indeed respectable, although musically, they just don't reach the sufficience for my standards. The vocalist is just plain bad, out of tine, with no power at all, if I had to choose a White Power band I'd definitely prefere BOUND FOR GLORY of BEFORE GOD by 100 times. The production is very high anyway, and there is even a SCREWDRIVER cover throwed in, very poetic... but anyway this skin music very rarely interests me musically, and RAHOWA makes no exception. Lots of ballads, lots of nostalgic lyrics, this air of a time gone by... yawn..


Tracks (88): 1 - Preludium in G 2 - Man against time 3 - When America goes down 4 - March of the dead 5 - Hall of the heroes 6 - In the fires of 1945 7 - The last battalion 8 - Anvil of crom 9 - Might is right 10 - Rahowa 11 - God is dead 12 - The snow fell 13 - Ode to a dying people 14/87 - [Empti] 88 - Outro