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MURDER SQUAD (Swe): "Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged" Cd 2000 Pavement

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 34:06


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I am not able to make an accurate review of this CD for reasons which will be clear throughout the reaview. I first heard of MURDER SQUAD several months before the CD was released, and when I heard the band was manily an AUTOPSY cover band, I was thrilled like a high school student. Things went on the bad course when I actually got an advance of the unmastered CD, as something was not completely convincing. Sure the band has a HUGE AUTOPSY influence, to the point some songs are almost copies. The first minutes of "The Probing" ARE the same of "Destined to Fester" fropm "Retribution for the Dead", not a siongle note of difference. Which is good, one can't improve what's perfect, and the world misses AUTOPSY today. But in the whole, I dodnt count on several factors. First Matti has lost much of his voice, like he showed on AT THE GATES as a backing, on THERION's demo tape, on CARNAGE and the first DISMEBER, when he was still THE best vocalist around. Now two things were disturbing when I heard the CDR, which are, the sound is so clean it seems exactly the one DISMEMBER had on that unfortunate "Casket Garden" miniCD who signed their temporary fall, too clean, too perfect for the filthy Death Metal they were up to, cosnidering the whole package and shit. Second, many of the songs shift from heart taking moments of sickness, to almost rock and a bit too slamming metal whcih has barely anything of AUTOPSY but again, more of the bad-side-of-DISMEBER. Things howev4er turned out when I had chance to listen to the full length at a local record store. The owner told me the CD was recorded like shit and when I put it out, I slmiled with 78 theet, the sound had been purposely ruined, the guitar tuned down, and lotys of noise and bad mixing was cured to make it as brutal as it should have been... the cover artwork, that's another good point, seems like a cross between an "Acts of the Unspeakable" cover (the skeletal figures indulging in obscene degradations and torturing orgies) and some sick NUCLEAR DEATH cover, Hampson era. Full color yet damn obscure and to the point. The titles inside are written in dripping like hadwritten fonts, much like AUTOPSy did, which is just another way to tell the world the truth, they were the absolute masters of this genres. This review gowerver will be updated as soon as I get ahold of one original copy of the work, the pre-master copy I have is not worth much more than a 6 on 10 rate... but the CD itself it's brilliant. More bands should play this way.


Tracks (12): 1) Slowly Burnt To Death 2) Twisted High 3) Deprevation 4) The Return of The Rotten 5) Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged 6) The Probing 7) Spraying Led 8) Bloodfreak 9) Sent Home in a Box 10) Sacrificial Strangulation, Beating and Rape 11) Impaled 12) Horror Eternal