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INFECTED PUSSY (Fra): "Devilish, Dirty and Live!" split Cd with MUCUPURULENT (Ger) 1999 Fleshfeast

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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INFECTED PUSSY side starts out with a sample from something which remind me of some old black and white movie but if I am not completely deaf I'd say it's French and therefore I can't help much. Far more uncontrolled and grinding that MUCUPURULENT, in an thoroughly demented way, with samples, moments of sheer chaotic noise, and farts, this INFECTED PUSSY side gets 30 minutes long in a single track, which I often find pretty annoying. The sound is fuzzy and chaotic as the rest of the music, definitely fitting these schizoid bastards. Once more I have to admit French have quite some class with this shit (remember BEER VOMIT?). Lunatic Grind maelstrom, with some noise and hardcore plucking here and there, superb.


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