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MORBID SAVOURING (Fin): "Autopsy Lust" Cd 1999 Motosierra

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: MTS 001

Running Time: 21:05


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Other releases from this band

A very welcome new entry in the elitarian panorama of gore/grind labels, this is the first release of Spanish Motosierra records, say hello kids. Anyay Motosierra's presentation card has really all the right elements, putrid and sick gore from one of the best countries for this perc stuff (mainly in the past). This is essentially a re-release on CD format of MORBID SAVOURING's demo tape, a Finnish gore-grind-death band obsessed by the well known Gut/Dead/Carcass humorously splatter approach: Except from the cover and logo (both by mr. Brad Moore), the whole booklet and back cover are a crammed collage of porn pics, fisting and penetrations: Lyrically and musically, the rest follows this concept. The music is what you can expect, and I ADORE this garage in your face dirty sound. Almost always below 1 minute in length and characterized by pathologically chaotic and grinding drum blasts, the songs follow the path of thick, highly involving death/gore, often broken in by porn/horror/violent movie sound excerpts. Chaos and filth abound in the songs, which soon become a mush of guttural grunts, fast, throat-clenching soundworks, and tons, tons of bloodspattared litter, the vocals get to the verge of the uncomprehensible, although despite all the genuine, live sound, th structures are very clear to an used grinder. Very very good da,ned shit, it has it all, soul and guts, and paves the road for a great top notch release...let's see. Ah these guys love McDonalds and cite Reek of Putrefaction and Hacked up for Barbecue in their lyrics, how could one not love 'em?


Tracks (18): 1 - I'm Pedophile 2 - Ejaculation Upon Female Remnants 3 - Skeletal Remains 4 - Torture Amputation 5 - Exposed Bones 6 - Fetid Menstrual Purè 7 - Brutally Raped with a Crowbar 8 - Cannibal Korps 9 - Gargling with Piss 10 - Sniffing Tenth Day Dead Pussy 11 - Never Forget 12 - Dried Human Snak 13 - Rectal Punishments 14 - Grotesque Disgorging 15 - Autopsy Lust 16 - Anti-Vegan 17 - Her Face Shred With a Fork XX - Intense Mortification 18 - Aaron SpeXXXXX Is Gay