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INGROWING (Cze): "Suicide Binary Reflections" Cd 2001 Obscene

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 33:47


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Another Czech brutal grinding band, out now with their third destroying platter (if you consider also their split Cd with Czech Deflorace ). They propose 14 golden sharpen blade to dissect your body. Fast, intense and remarkable crazy drumming, is the fitted carpet for an extensive use of massive steroidal savagery guitars: The fight starts with a melodic futuristic intro, and then their speed adrenalinaze your pulped minds with underpressure reflux of blood. All lyrics are written by "Chymus" (Isaacarum bitchbrigade former member ) and concerns some interestings aspects of human life in a technologically future where is no escape. The cover artwork is an explicit reference to the inner concept expressed also by the title-track. "Suicide yourself reflecting on Ingrowing !"


Tracks (14): 1 - Suicide... (intro) 2- binary reflections 3- dreams torn asunder 4- chenical emotions 5- ethereality section 6- enigmatism 7- cryogenics 8- biomechanized earthflutes 9 - deflated 10 - D.C. sucks ( ultimate intermezzo ) 11- hyperspace souls 12- demodeus 13- the onerous physical 14 - ...successful (outro)