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IMPETIGO (USA/Il): "Horror of the Zombies" Cd 2000 Morbid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

For those unlucky enough to have missed Wild Rags' version of this CD back in 1992 this is the re-release of the most important splattercore band that has ever existed. I honestly think that the music contained in this disc is so fantastic, original and intense that it could surely be defined among the 10 best albums of ALL musical genres. No kidding, if you are not able to grasp the brilliance in this CD then you probably should take another path than Grind/Gore. This is a release which has a fuller sound compared to the previous "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale", the songs have a more definite structure and they left some of the filth behind leaving bare boned the essence of the band, a sum of the chilling, post-modern culture which permeates any Horror movie fan. Tons of intros are used throughout and the quotes of famous b-movies (especially the Italian panorama hell yeah) glue the whole cannibal music with a spirit that tastes of other days long gone. Not only Death Metal, not only grind, IMPETIGO had the strong, emotional structure of old school core bands such as CRUMBSUCKERS, NEGATIVE APPROACH or REPULSION, taken to new height with a personality which only few have hoped to challenge (GUT spring to mind at this point). Every song is a sweet, delicious sample of high class bad taste, each perfectly identifiable by a loose punkish picking and the characteristic phlegmy vocals of the well known Stevo (greatest Death growler of all time with AUTOPSY's Chris). I am not sure I have been thoroughly clear but if you miss this, you don't deserve to live. The new packaging features a delicious zombie cover in a bath of guts and entrails, by the hand of Chas Balun itself (famous horror artist, who also did much NECROPHAGIA work) and contains some never seen before pictures. Good level re-release.


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