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INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (Aus): "Avagoyamugs" Cd 2001 Razorback

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 55:03

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Other releases from this band

Gargling Gore Grind with vulgar intensity that sound like a mix of SQUASH BOWELS and ANAL BIRTH, these perverts are back with another depraved attack of tight-as-your-father-asshole goregrind of the finest sort. The lyric titles are of the stupid, yet black humorous kind (see BIRDFLESH or BLOOD DUSTER as examples), all expectorated with disgusting efficiency. The guitar sounds are so bass-saturated that the speakers in my car emit a constant frying sound when the singers aren't following the picking. There are constant stops in the sound which make the whole akimbo of kaleidoscopic massacre even more hard to swallow, but also let you understand that the sound is very crisp else the whole mess would be totally incomprehensible. I think if GORE BEYOND NECROPSY were born Aussies they would probably sound this way. To end the dissection the packaging features a totally sick artwork and a title which remind me the logo of EYEGOUGER (somebody remembers?), a complete mess of dark colors and monster heads, exposed innards and porno/grind images. Killer gore shit.


Tracks (15): 1 - Choking on a Chocolate Log 2 - My Fist, Her Face, Same Time, Same Place 3 - The Third of Five to Have Her Alive 4 - Homesick Abortion 5 - Premature Ejaculraper 6 - The Promise of Horror and Worse to Come 7 - I'd Rather Be Retarded 8 - Any Old Snuff Film Starring Your Kid as the Corpse 9 - Laugh at You You're Dying 10 - Meatatarian Cannibal 11 - The Corpse in Question Didn't Say No 12 - Babysitter 13 - Pre-Teen Sex Scene 14 - To Men Who Masturbate Over Dying Children 15 - The Art of Fucking Kids (Pedophile in Practice)