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GORGUTS (Can): "From Wisdom to Hate" Cd 2001 Olympic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 40:39


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Other releases from this band

After that long period of relax, GORGUTS coontinue its campaign for the desruction of melody with its terrifyingly technical yet highly dissonant Death metal, a sort of evolution which sometimes remind me of the genius of a band like DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. And disharmoni8c is the right rem to describe the unhuman, spirit shaking music which comes out of latest GORGUTS. It takes a bit to digest this shit but in the end the schizoid self gets ripped out of your subconscious. While continuing on the scheme of "Obscura" this album sounds a bit more "conventional" if you forgive me the term. The vocals are still throaty and the guitars maintain their contorted, unpredictable trip. Seems as if there are three different guitars with different tones... it's damn weird to listen to the latest GORGUTS, and it's something that you notice after a few minutes of listening is that you get up with your nerves like strings. This music is disturbing on a level more profund than the simple ear could perceive. This is one of the times when words can't describe exactly what the music is like. Have a hear on the MP3 or buy the CD, it's worth the cash.


Tracks (8): 1 - Inverted 2 - Behave Thru Mythos 3 - From Wisdom to Hate 4 - The Quest for Equilibrium 5 - Unearthing the Past 6 - Elusive Trasures 7 - Das Martyrium Des... 8 - Testimonial Ruins