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DECAPITATED (Pol): "Winds of Creation" Cd 2000 Wicked World

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Don't hate me but I had constantly, irrevocably lost a lot of interest in the latest years of Earache releases, especially ever since they changed their logo to a swirling italic that could easily fit a famous Soda label. And my expectation were rather lethargic when I put this CD on in my office, when my colleagues were out for dinner... and what the fuck. My lips curled to a grin as my speakers start to pour out this premium, invigorating nectar. My eyes popped out of their sockets when listening to this album, especially when I got to know there are guys as young as 16 years in the band. Absolutely Death Metal in soul and flesh, DECAPITATED follow my same school of thought. Pound your instrument to pieces, play as technical as you can while leaving no space to melody nor useless masturbations. Shove your vocals down your guts and gargle as deep as you can. DECAPITATED, I wonder how the fuck I could have ignored this band until now. The sound in the disc is perfect, while still100% human and not synthetic as that of BROKEN HOPE ("Loathing" era) or label mates HATE ETERNAL, with a hair raising compression, guttural lower than low grunts, simple but straight to the point solos, a hammering, constant, force and an almost VADER like flow. The last track is a SLAYER cover. Brutal as the rest of the disc.


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