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GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Aus): "Eve of the Conqueror" MCd 1999 Damnation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Martial, complex, higher class Black Metal the Australian way, closest comparison could be probably made to latest DESTROYER 666 though I believe it is the latter who got some GOTH in their latest "Phoenix Rising", the songs are fucking memorable and intricate, with some sort of melodies which lets the head bang although it can no way be compared to any American or weak Scandinavian school. There is something that has strong feeling in this music as if two different discs are played at the same time yet they fit perfectly over the other. It never gets too fast but it really does not need it, this band has fucking talent and personality. The solos are a bit too metal for my tastes but recall some MOTORHEAD if you concede it to me, to think it again, the whole music has something of MOTORHEAD as well, so to let you understand what I mean when I tell you this music drag you along its lines. Yet it's fucking malinconic, depressive and yet majestic. Great, great band.


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