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FETUS CHRIST (Ger): "To Those Who Oppose Us Eternal Death" Cd 2000 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

First self produced CD of this interesting German Death Metal band. Recording is excellent and cover artwork and layout follow up high level standards which compensate the fact they never released any demo tapes (that I know of at least, nor they were signalled in the bio), obviously they felt ready for the debut and actually they were. No complains. The band stands up on their legs and play good Death Metal. Nothing surprisingly original or blasting, I would discard any comparisons as the bands is pretty personal, maybe something of CASTIGATE when it come to the two vocals (one guttural, one phlegmy and throaty), able to blast fast but yet, never as lightning, and capable of good doomy bridges. Yet again, there's nothing as well to make them stand out all the time out of the average German panorama with other bands such as CBT, LIBIDO AIRBAG, or UTOPIE. They reach sublime levels when they plunge into complete chaos with spits and coughs and gargles but when your hard on is almost complete, they twist into chugga kind American NY slam which ruins the plate at the first fork. Good stuff to come, if I foresee well, next CD will be memorable. One note on the fourth track is called Redrum, does it have to do with "The Shining" ? Oh well, what I wanted to say is: Filth! Come on add some filth! You have some GUT in your blood after all.


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