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FURZE (Nor): "Trident Autocrat" MCd 2000 Apocalyptic Empire

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this label

Other releases from this band

It is a real pity that Norwegian are the worst to play Black Metal to this day. Luckily FURZE is not the worst release I have heard from Norway of late (would have been a hard fight). I heartily hope they avoid any shade of clean vocals in the future releases, tho. The music is not overly fast and sometimes gets a bit thrash with some untypical arrangements when it gets slow but again spinning to monotonous when it gets at tightest pace, actually I realize they reach the best when they don't accelerate. The vocals are pretty varied all through shifting from the malignant shrills to goblin like to clean and then drained into almost ambient passages which last some seconds before getting fast again. To say they're typical Black would be unfair, and there are interesting spots here and there but sometimes they really sound like a circus. Hm. Not my tastes sorry.


Tracks (6): 1 - Zareddo knives endows thy sight 2 - Devacamo possessed black 3 - Scolopendra arise 4 - Avail the autocrat of evil 5 - Witchboundator 6 - Whilst the trident spawn and spectre