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EXHUMED (USA/Ca): "Slaughtercult" Cd 2000 Relapse

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 34:50


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Other releases from this band

EXHUMED is incredible. they have stirred a part of my conscience I wasn't aware to own, they can play it 100% Metal and still be one of my favorite bands today. Of Metal they have everything, long nauseatingly sweet solos, a highly scenical presence/approach to the music, with leather studs and all, and still they're unerringly savage, sort of BESTIAL WARLUST of Death Metal. Now on the exact identification of Metal, I have come to a conclusion that surprised even me... when I heard their previous "Gore Metal" for the first time, I thought the term was just a tribute to POSSESSED (remember the cover track on the split CD with HEMDALE?), but as the listen went on, I realized the term Gore Metal fitted perfectly. While 100% Death Metal, I think they can also be identified as the founders of another genre which can be identified as Gore Metal, and nobody would raise a word I think. While made up basically of nothing more than extremely flowing Death Metal which eyes CARCASS as the ultimate influence (I am sorry, but you can't really escape this eheh), the way they apporach the music is something which has nothing to do with Grindcore or Goregrind, like the other side of CARCASS, the essence who made the band Metal even if they were basically Gore Grind... I know I have not been clear but what the fuck, things remain this album is much straighter than Gore Metal, the songs are even more to the point and absolutely essential, so much one could even get bored at a first listen. As you put it four of five times, you finally get sucked in, and the groove nobody else can give in the Death (whooppps i meant Gore) Metal like they do becomes addictive. The artwork maintains the integralist line they got ever since the debut demos, buckets o' entrails splattered against broken glass shards, the back pics depicting the band drinking and showering in blood poured from skulls... the songs have titles which remind me of small tributes to AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO and CARCASS but that might be only my depraved immagination.... "Decrepit Crescendo" -> "Symphonies of Sickness", "Forged in Fire" -> "Burnt to a Crisp", "Dinnertime in the Morgue" -> "Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue", "Slave to the Casket" -> "Born in a Casket", "Funeral Fuck" -> "Mental Funeral", "Vacant Grave" -> "Service for a Vacant Coffin" and so on... also in the production and recording department i see there's a Swedish Mietzko, which I suppose is the mongoloid who answered the NASUM interview in the first Nuclear Abominations issue. All in all, nobody guts and chop ike EXHUMED!


Tracks (13): 1 - Decrepit Crescendo 2 - Forged in Fire (Forged in Flame) 3 - A Lesson in Pathology 4 - This Axe Was Made to Grind 5 - Carnal Epitaph 6 - Dinnertine in the Morgue 7 - Fester Forever 8 - Deep Red 9 - Infester 10 - Slave to the Casket 11 - Slaughtercult 12 - Funeral Fuck 13 - Vacant Grave