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DEAD (Ger): "You'll Never Know Pleasure..." Cd 1995 Poserslaughter

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 56:10


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Other releases from this band

uck what you hear around, THIS is the best Porn/Gore/Death Cd of all time. Gut might have been sicker on stage, but this is THE music of perversion and the sound of rancid sexually obsessed gore/death like none has ever dared again, not even DEAD in their more recent "VIP". This album is plain perfect, the incarnation of sickness and pornography, vaguely rock'n'roll in groove, like the worst GG ALLIN turned Gore Grind. The sound is vulgarly putrid, almost a cross between GRAVE and AUTOPSY, the music catchy while still utterly perverse, if you think NECRONY "Pathological Performances" is masterpiece, well DEAD did the same, and 10 times heavier, with bursts of raging goregrind at which NECRONY always stepped back one second before the unleashing. The vocals sometimes gets harmonized, although much of the vocals is a double CARCASS like gore, liquid spittling gargles, and GUT like grunts... frenetic chaotic solos, and the perfect equilibrium of groove (with this kind of sound, even the rocking riffs sound brutal) and blood drenched savagery. When I say this album is masterpiece, I am not telling bullshit, it contains a tiny film of delicate art, the art of filth and perversion, the same art of AUTOPSY and IMPETIGO, and this is a CD which stands on par with "Horror of the Zombies" and "Retribution for the Dead" without blinking. I love it all, from the inner artwork to the fetish lyrics. A milestone. (last 13:03 from track 15 to 20 are just the same "Spread your legs, Whore" loop repeated again and again...)


Tracks (20): 1 - Rectal Punishment 2 - Receive My Golden Shower 3 - Penicide 4 - You'll Never Know Pleasure... 5 - Slaves to Abysmal Perversity 6 - XXL Cunt 7 - Body Fluids are my Favorite Fetish 8 - Delicious Taste of Vaginal Excrements 9 - Highest Power 10 - Thrusted to the Limit of all Delights 11 - Journey to Extasy 12 - Die When You Die 13 - Hey baby Why Don't You Love me? 14 - Skin Deep Between Her Tighs 15/20 - Recognize: Spread your Legs Whore (pt. I..)