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DEAD (Ger): "Emanating Darkness" split Cd with REGURGITATE 1994 Poserslaughter

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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DEAD cover have not ever been surpassingly artistic except maybe on the "You'll never..." CD, always standing in the sado/gore theme but REGURGITATE cover makes DEAD stand out as a Bosh painting, depicting a orange/yellow/red face with lightning cracks all around. The only cover that might be considered this obscene might be INGROWING's "Cybergore" which is also somewhat similar (ugh). Musically neither band needs much introduction, DEAD being a legendary paragon of perverse death core with sublime slow, perverse passages (thinking of GUT might help getting the point although it's a hard challenge to think which band was better) and a all-around vulgar imagery: distorted guitars, samples from women climaxing with pleasure mixing with grunts that seem like emitted from salivating pig perverts all makes this part of the CD memorable. Right a bit less varied than the 2 fiull-lenghts with no useless melodies, coarse riff pullings and dry, precise drumming that sometimes almost border grind this band moves up and down through oceans of sin and distasteful disease. Note also MENTOR's cover: "Women of Sodom" (what else).


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