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DEMONIZED (Mex): s/t split Cd with DOMAIN (Mex) 2000 American Line

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 24:26


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DEMONIZED is actually the band where Antimo plays, in a way even more ferocious than DOMAIN, or better yet more basic and obsessive, in a school which would fit BEHERIT or early IMMORTAL as well. The sound in this second half of the split is a bit more fuzzy but it helps the music come out even more brutal and elementalistic in straight to the core aggression. Like the band reviewed above, the music substantially could take place between south American Death Metal bands such as ABHORRENCE, OPHIOLATRY or ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION, with an impressive charge of cruelty yet with some blackish backbone, as the songs have a higher tune and a remotely melodic vibe above the maelstrom of isntruments. The vocals are 90% of the time on a high pitched tune, kinda witch shrieks, that's one more reason why see the band as well in the Black metal realm as in the Death dungeons of pain, and solos are abundant and helps the music get more varied than DOMAIN, but, my humble opinion, I prefere DOMAIN better. Last time we talked we had half a deal to release this split for Europe but like it had happened several years ago with DISGORGE, Antimo answers 3 or 4 e-mails and then falls in slumber. Hope he could contact me as soon as possible becouse this stuff is superlative...


Tracks (3): 5 - Luciferian Vengeance 6 - Wardemonic Sodomy 7 - Metal Church