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DISEMBOWEL (Gre): "Zero Turns to One" Cd 2001 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 44:24

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This is a band that definitely surprised me out of the blue. Especially considering that it's self-produced, the CD is a fucking real blast in the skull, with an amazing package and a production you hear only once every few years. Professionally they're all amazing players, and use their top notch skill to create real damn top notch quality songs. The sound in this disc is so crisp, so clean it could easily be a Floridian Death Metal band right out of the Morrisounds, the way strings and drum pair thru hyperblasting speeds remind me only DIABOLIC (fuck, listen to the MP3 and see if I'm boasting too much), or the best MALEVOLENT CREATION. or better yet MORBIFIX. The only things not entirely Hyperblasting Death/Thrash are the vocals who give the music a modern, post core touch, kinda KONKHRA, the SEPULTURA of a few years ago, for instance, or dunno, put here the name of any latest Diehard release. When one gets this impressed one can't but wonder how long these guys have been playing or why they have not a contract yet, this stuff is unbelievably high level and I can't stop to say, damn professional. What strays a bit from my views is the modern, industrial-metal like sound and some of those overused FEAR FACTORY sonorities, especially evident in the fourth song, when the vocals get filtered... it's a very unperedictable pairing, drummer of almost robotic precision like this and death metal grunts, with this compact, tight sound the drumming seems much more like a drum-machine than a human and when the music gets real techno/trance with synth beats... it gets a bit aehm... out of my range. But I am not the one whining over modernity or electronic music at all. If it's used to symbolize the dehumanization of our society and so on, it does its job the right way in my opinion. This said, the band IS Death and Tharsh Metal, but don't think they're just another FEAR FACTORY clone. I can only wonder what they could have done if they kept it 100% Death Metal...


Tracks (14): 1 - Intro 2 - Powerlust 3 - Sadistic 4 - LSD 5 - All rise all fall 6 - Break the borders 7 - You're dead 8 - Zero turns to one 9 - Intelligent bastards 10 - Everything fix 11 - Condemned 12 - Violence 13 - Emotional plug 14 - Outro