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CENTURIAN (Hol): "Liber ZarZax" Cd 2001 Listenable

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 45:28

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Other releases from this band

The kings of damnation and Satan encrusted Death fucking Metal are back. Again, they bring forth the best Death Metal in all of our stirring European scene. What can I add? CENTURIAN rip, kill, slay, crush, grinds you in a vortex of Chaos, hacked up flesh, blood and twisted magick like only DEICIDE "Legion" era or old MORBID ANGEL could do. Musically, something has actually changed from the past with the line up variation: the addition of another guitar player adds a consitent depth to the songs, which for the first time also features some gutwrenching solos in the vein of oldest MORBID ANGEL ("Rapture" style). The guitarwork is more or less the one of "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" with some more variations, adapted to a double work with some curious twists. Drumbeats are more definite due to a slightly superior production, and while on one side the double bass sound is a bit too synthetic, it doesn't ruin the thing like in the last KRISIUN, aye, regrading KRISIUN, for those who don't know CENTURIAN yet, they're a good cross between DEICIDE, KRISIUN and some other abstract demonic entity of undefined name. Cruel, blood drenched savage Death Metal with leg-cracking vocals and no more than 2 minutes of slow useless parts ah ah... I also like the band from a lyrical point of view, the texts I have read still concentrate on Satanism, Chaos, Destruction and arcane magickal systems (like BLOODSTORM for instance). ZarZax is an alien God of Chaos much like the ancient ones of Lovecraft Mythoi although the lyrics sometimes span on ancient Roman depraved massacres and sacrifices to the glory of Satan as well... too many references already, definitely, you know it's my custom ahr ahr... but well, you have to listen to CENTURIAN before talking... the package is still high level although I was much more into the black and white style of the demo/MCD, these computer effects aren't too disturbing but are a bit too bright for my dead eyes uhmm... Hell fires engulf some magical sigil on cover, and the same fires of god damned rage roar through their bastard music. That's Death Metal, cunts.


Tracks (11): 1- The Reading (ZarZax Unto Zax) 2 - Heading for Holocaust 3 - Colosseum of Blood 4 - Hell At Last 5 - Ritually Slaughtered for Satan 6 - Feeding flesh to the Vortex 7 - Conjuration for Choronzon 8 - Speech of the Serpent 9 - Committed to Hell 10 - Fornicating the nazarene 11 - Dead Black Nucleus