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COCK & BALL TORTURE (Ger): "Opus(sy) VI" Cd 2000 Shredded

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 41:46

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That's finally IT! One of the many things CBT have definitely mastered in the genre is layout and graphics, no Gore Grind band that I remember has ever had such clean, classy layout, the guys in CBT are definitely brilliant on this aspect. Moreover Opus(sy) VI has finally got the running time of a real full length, more than twice as long as their previous "Cocktales". And the music ahhh fresh, rinvigorating Gore fucking Grind. This time, the sounds are even more powerful, the blasts faster, and the vocals completely dehumanized. Remind me of some sort of broken shower, some sort of cross between liquid gargles and insect squirms. Songs still 1 to 2 minutes in length, essential as the grind genre demands, and abysmally lost into a no return trip in the most depraved recesses of sexually diseased Gore. Really not much to add, this is a really classic release which has nothing of anything previously released if not the usual referrals to middle European bands such as UTOPIE, DEAD and such... you heard the thing already too many times I think, so I'll skip comparison. Humorous titles follow the trail of other Porno bands such as the almighty MEAT SHITS or ANAL CUNT... although the music is far more structured and absolutely NOT Noise core. Even more unhumen than before...


Tracks (21): 1- anal sex terror 2- candy teen pussy pleasure 3- faekal fatal 4- anna'n'ass fat sex mama 5- spunky monkey 6- king anus III 7- big tit slappers 8- lesbian duo dildo fuck 9- spank me 10- fuck me 11- fill me 12- rosetta twist 13- panda penis 14- koala cunt 15- bi-bee 16- anal lilly pissing chick 17- fist fuck family torture'lini ball'o'nese 18- important impotence 19- juicy lucy 20- vulvurine cooze blues 21- whorrorbitch