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COCK & BALL TORTURE (Ger): "Opus(sy) VI" Cd 2000 Shredded

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 41:46

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Other releases from this band

When I listened Cock & Ball Torture for first time ( on "Gore is your master" a Razorback compilation Cd ), I believed they perfectly synthetize European approach to porn gore-grind . "Opussy" is one of the best pure-blooded European performance for this genre . The Germans trio is able to elevate a massive sound barrier, maily subordinate to the powerful bass sound surely beyond the usual tuning ( imagine a railway tractor ) . Each song structure is not very complex, but easily listenable : though they use ordinary drum patterns , and no more than 3 or 4 riffs in each trax, they obtain an amazing original result . Vocally they remind me above all their mates Dead and Libido Airbag with a bit more low fermenting spewing . Lyrics are completely concerned about sex in all bizarre , delirious and fantastic way , expressed by some pungent pun jokes ( see the titles inside ) . Besides looking at the artwork we can appreciate their delicious good porn taste trough some bondage pictures puzzle, assembled in an excellent layout ( oh yeah ! ) . 21 trax to have a morbid journey into deepest latex perversions orgasm. Extremely recommended!


Tracks (21): 1- anal sex terror 2- candy teen pussy pleasure 3- faekal fatal 4- anna'n'ass fat sex mama 5- spunky monkey 6- king anus III 7- big tit slappers 8- lesbian duo dildo fuck 9- spank me 10- fuck me 11- fill me 12- rosetta twist 13- panda penis 14- koala cunt 15- bi-bee 16- anal lilly pissing chick 17- fist fuck family torture'lini ball'o'nese 18- important impotence 19- juicy lucy 20- vulvurine cooze blues 21- whorrorbitch