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COCK & BALL TORTURE (Ger): "Cocktales" Cd 1997 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 20:09

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Other releases from this band

CBT accepted the sperm soaked scepter of best German porn/gore band after the departure of DEAD and GUT, in barely 4 years after the release of this CD, the band is already cult in the underground Gore Grind panorama. Featuring a real CBT (cock and ball torture is actually a real sado-maso term used to describe the humiliation and butchery of genitals) on cover, a couple pornographic pics in the inner sleeve and a list of song titles who could have easily ben GUT or G.G.ALLIN (punk hero and real founder of the prongrind gernre), "Cocktales" is gore/grind in it's essence. Never surpassingly fast as REGURGITATE, nor Swedish in sound like DEAD or NECRONY, CBT found their music on harmonized oral grunts, synthetic sounding battery beats, horribly depraved guitar sound and lots of porn imagery. The sound of this disc was already excellent, and features some very fast gargling tracks although as stated before they mainly keep it half in/half out as far as speed is concerned. The vocals are unhuman but still not as unhuman as the following albums.


Tracks (16): 1 - The Taste of Animal Sperm - The Orgasm Of A Hyena 2 - After master 3 - Fresh Ejaculata 4 - Scrotum Blast 5 - Horny Hosier 6 - The Cock And Ball Torture 7 - Cuntkiller 8 - Sperm-Orgy 9 - She Sucks As Hard As She Can 10 - Hymen 11 - Phrenetic Pussy Slasher 12 - Frenzy Lesbians 13 - Pussy Commando 14 - Drowned in Sperm 15 - Randy Rectum Fistfuck 16 - Colonel Cunt