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CARNAGE (Swe): "Dark Recollections" Cd 2000 Earache

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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This is the remastered version of the best Death Metal album of all time. Nothing more to add. I want to keep this review short becouse this album is from me the absolute bible of Death Metal the way it should always be played, vocals are absolutely inhuman, maybe the best ever recorded in ANY Death Metal record, the sound is absolutely dark, brooding, abysmally obscure, yet crunchy and havy as a load of rotting meat. If you start listening to this CD (which was also released a few years ago by Earache/Necrosis as a split with CADAVER), in a chronological order starting with the demo number one, you can easily identify a huge CARCASS spine, which is actually the embryo of what later developed in CARCASS's unique style (if you can get ahold of CARCASS's "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" demo you understand what I mean) of gore soaked pathologism. What later developed from this demo is a unique, sincere, untamed essence of underground spirit and sincere AUTOPSY laden artwork, this masterpiece took form of "Dark Recollections", also blessed by an unique, incredible cover artwork that can make any other Seagrave work shit in its pants). Beyond this CD, nobody can go, what spills from every second of its length is beyond words, it might have been played by young musicians but all of these musicians have later ripped this sound to create band each of which have paved an unique style in the intricate world of underground Death Metal. And the very spirit, the very class of each of them was avident tenfold in this album. A masterpiece beyond time and words. No words to praise it the right way. Absolute number one.


Tracks (15): 1- Dark Recollections 2 - Torn Apart 3 - Blasphemies of the Flesh 4 - Infestation of Evil 5 - Gentle Exhuming 6 - Deranged from Blood 7 - Malignant Epitaph 8 - Self Dissection 9 - Death Evocation 10 - Outro
Demo # 1 "The Day Man Lost" 11 - Crime Against Humanity 12 - Aftermath 13 - The Day Man Lost
Demo # 2 "Infestation of Evil" 14 - Torn Apart 15 - Infestation of Evil