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BURIAL (USA/Ma): Mourning the Millennium" MCd 1998 United Guttural

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 18:24

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Other releases from this band

Well, actually BURIAL israther brutal as a Death Metal act, although the music doesn't keep it to the limit of heaviness all through like SPLATTERED CADAVER does, having arrived both in my mailbox the same day, I can't but compare the two Cds and well, BURIAL are Ok, good heavy grunting vocals and stuff, with some more gloomy slow parts (although to define 'em Doom would be a bit too much), riffs are tight and the music heavy anyway yet never excedingly fast, I would reccomend it to the biggest lovers of this American Death style. I personally don't fig much the parts when the singer just follows along the music with the vocals, when the music gets a bit choppy, he sounds like he's singing some stupid jingle (hm if you don't like JUNGLE ROT like me, you know what I mean). I think he just could shut up a bit more and create better vocal patterns, but the overall is good, definitely more than average.


Tracks (5): 1 - End Times 2 - Enslaved Creation 3 - Sign of the Apocalypse 4 - Burnt to Ashes 5 - Skull Fucked