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BRODEQUIN (USA/Tn): "Instruments of Torture" Cd 2000 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 25:03


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BRODEQUIN is a relatively new spine chilling Brutal Death Metal band from Tennessee, and they hit the market firsthand with this CD which really has something of unbelievable. When saying it's brutal, you're not even halfway from the truth, you must hear it to believe it. On a very basic way, the structure/scheme of the songs is the routine, that is, crushing riffs, ultra-barbaric grunting vocals, crazed drumblasts, but what hits the stomach is the neanderthal intensity with whom the band follows this line. The whole sound is definitely and genuinely American, yet pushed farther than almost anybody before, really something you can shit in your pants listening to: while the sound remains real crisp, the vocals are beyond guttural, the guitars below thinkable compression and the drums ultra-tight, which gives the package a vein of sanguinary obscurity. Other than for the music, the band has a definite personality, dealing with medieval inquisition and relative tortures, iron brands, pyramids and of course, the brodequin, a wicked instrument used to crush yourlegs in the most gruesome way. Black and white cover depicting a medieval torture and a neat, stylish package complete the product, which was, rather surspisingly, self-released. Actually judging by the excellent work they've done in promotion, this choice might have a winning one. They are reaping good review over good review (deservingly) and I see lots of merchandise sold so... wherever my disquisitions have brought us, this CD really brings you in a meatgrinding vortex of medieval ignorance and overwhelming pain (my fave track is "The Virgin of Nurnberg" ), I think their choice of dealing with history is rather interesting, keeping it sick and gore, but with a strong conceptual backbone. Really crisp, brutal, fistfucking shit.


Tracks (10): 1 - Spinning in Agony 2 - Soothsayer 3 - Ambrosia 4 - The Virgin of Nurnberg 5 - Duke of Exeter 6 - Infested with Worms 7 - Burnt in Effigy 8 - Strappado 9 - Hollow 10 - Feast of Flesh