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BLOODSTORM (USA/Pa): "Pestilence from the Dragonstar" Cd 1999 Dragonspell/Soul Sold

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Cover Art

Running Time: 50:13


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Other releases from this band

BLOODSTORM is considered one of the cornerstones of the brand newborn American Black metal horde. If it's a deserved title, you will judge by yourself alone with this CD although I like more the track they included in the American Black Metal compilation. This is, apart from the first full length ever by Mr. Gamble a.ka. Mezzadurus (ex-GOREAPHOBIA), actually one of the best Black Metal recording to date from USA. OK; please skip any comments on cover and packaging which are THE WORST I have ever seen from ANY BM band except maybe only for the clowns MANIAC BUTCHER, but hey, they're professionists and their music sucks as well ahah. Oh, yes, when I say Black Metal I mean Black Metal as it's meant today of course, with the routinely shrieking, glass rasping vocals, chilling, flowing guitars and spectral atmospheric melodies. you should really try hard to avoid looking at the pictures, with violet lightings and cosmic photo editings which are the most kitch ever since MENTORS and plunge directly to the lyrics, maybe the most entertaining of the whole thing, dealing with apocalyptic extra-dimensional incantations of destruction and magical curses, frequent use of magickal invocations (like the latest MORBID ANGEL for instance, but far more intellectual, try crossing these with ORDER FROM CHAOS lyrics to get an idea). The sound is abrasive, real sharp, the guitars speeding out crazed through the running time, sometimes straightly simple, sometimes impossibly intricate, although the drums are really submerged beneath the vocals and guitars and sometimes get fuzzed, not convincing 100%. If you like crude, necromantic Black Metal with some DESTROYER 666 like epicity sparsely used to increase tightness, this might be your CD. Ah of course, no keyboard or other useless garbage, this is REAL America Black metal, not scandinavian circus music. For useless trivia, this is the first CD out from Soul Sold, label owned by mr. Vigna of IMMOLATION and mr. Forbes of Metal Core 'zine. Also CELTIC FROST lovers should give a chance to the 6th track. Very very frostesque.


Tracks (9): 1 - Wrath and Vengeance 2 - Death Thunder 3 - The Chaos Magician 4 - The Angel Web 5 - Sirius Rebellion 6 - Successor to the Plague Gods 7 - Oruthaaht Xun Xihron (The Intellect Devourer) 8 - Nibiru Assassins 9 - Invader of Darkness