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BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): "Ropes Above an Abyss of Fury" split Cd 2001 The Flood

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000


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Running Time: 12:23


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I'm proud to announce that Italian brutal scene is still alive and now it seems to live an excellent period : some underground bands ( and not only ) ,which have nothing to envy to the most famous coming from overseas . I've just received this promo MCD directly from Dahmer ( Bastard Saints vocalist ) and as he said it should be the first release coming from "The Flood rec." a lebel born from the ashes of mighty "Headfucker rec." The lenght time is equally divided, and both bands present 2 new songs . The first side hilights Bastard Saints total hydro chaos ! They've improved their skills , and now they've also a better production , so we can clearly listen every single instruments . Drum is faster than their previous release , guitar has a different sound but the original harmonized parts are always the same ( probably " Zio" refers above all to Colo-grind-style ) ; the bass is more listenable here and there . Besides Dahmer do an incredible obsessive job on vocals squeaking and growling constantly ( you must see them on-stage : a really impressive emotionally involving tornado ) . Undoubtely their best release until now , so if the evolution goes-on , what we should expect in near future ?


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