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AWFUL (Ita): "Absolute Reign" Cdr 1999 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 7:29

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Other releases from this band

There are two big weak spots in AWFUL's music, which are a really penalizing production (I know they tried to record this promo at least 3 times, each time paying thousands of dollars, and never with satisfying results). The other is they cheat in recording session... after having seen 'em live several times, I can openheartly state that they are excellent musicians, maybe among the best 3 in all of Italy if we count only the Death/Grind department, but the drums are not this fast, on the contrary often they're what block AWFUL's perfomance, to the point several times I have even been a disappointed by the fact the drums can't keep up with the string department. But back on this particular release, the songs here are something really impressive... hyperfast Death Metal... the vocals are sort of coarse, throaty old school in the vein of old VENOM (not surprisingly, the drummer/singer (aye, like CADAVER and AUTOPSY) is a die hard fan of old school Thrash Metal), and the music something really blindingly fast, one of the fastest releases I have heard from Italy, remind sometimes of SADUS in speed, but definitely hard to keep up with, as if dozens of riffs cross and link each other in a almost cacophonic symphony. On a guitaristic, level these traks are superb, and some of the concerts (which are highlighted by a good deal of covers, from bands such as NILE, CRYPTOPSY, VENOM...) have been a real show on endurance and technicianship. I just think the drums need to be a little bit faster, and then AWFUL would be complete... also I hope they will find a good recording studio becouse they're also very cool guys and musically they have much to teach...imminent is their debut CD "Partition of the Endless Torment".


Tracks (3): 1 - Reevocation through regret 2 -Absolute Reign 3 - Along the blood