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SUFFOCATION (USA/Ny): "Reincremated" tape 1990 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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This is right, even SUFFOCATION did release a demo tape almost a dozen years ago, and surprisignly enough, it went quite unnoticed for a few years before the big clone war began in the States. Recorded with a somewhat fuzzy, bass-saturated sound very, very similar to that of the first "Human Waste" press, this demo nonetheless is pure cult, already showing EVERY detail of a band which was already ripe even at the time of this debut: in other words, their style was already strongly clear cut, instead of developing through release and release like almost every other band has done. Reincremation defines SUFFOCATION's unique sound made of ultra-skilled rhythmic which has a flow and a heaviness unheard before, contrarily to other grind-core acts, SUFFO was the founder of a style of thier own, impossible to imitate in the future even by the most skilled PYREXIA of "Sermon of Mockery" or the million imitation that have shown in these last 5 years, when the term Brutal Death, deservingly credited to the band, has become of common use (and abuse). SUFFOCATION's style is technical to the point of excess, it erases your eardrums with this incredible plethora of ultra-technical riffs and never so guttural vocals (at the time even Barnes had quite clear vocals. The tracks contained in this demo were later included in their debut MCd "HUman Waste" recently remastered and re-sold by Relapse and the almighty milestone "Effigy of the Forgotten" with the Corpsegrinder on backing vocals. Tape came with a xeroxed cover and a white sticker with the demo title printed with a typewriter. Bow down and shit in your pants babes, becouse a band like this would never exist again.


Tracks (3): 1- Human Waste 2 - Involuntary Slaughter 3 - Reincremation