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GRAVE (Swe): "Into the Grave" Cd 1991 Century Media

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Running Time: 42:22


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Other releases from this band

No this time this is not a demo, and I also know I have promised not to make reviews until the zine4 is out, but... I couldn't really resist reviewing this. I have heard some kids in town proclaiming they like Swedish Death metal and when asked which bends they preferred they say IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY. Ugh, what a fist in my oversized belly.
Well for those who like real Death Metal this album should be the bible. My absolute favorite SDM album aside with CARNAGE's "Dark Recollections" and DISMEMBER's "Pieces" Ep, this album is all but no-nonsense straight in your face BRUTAL-as-fuck Death. Don't listen to ppl suggesting you ENTOMBED's LEft Hand Path, becouse THIS is the ultimate in violence among the legendary bands of ending eighties/beginning nineties. Into the Grave is definitely GRAVE's swangsong, it is structurally perfect, and with a sound that is exactly that of bones being crushed, the personal trademark of the fabled Swedish sound taken to the excess. Despite many of the bands back then used to be raspy in their vocals, GRAVE had this particular ultra-guttural approach, with massive, big sound saturated with basses and a bit of evocative kb in the title track (really genius stuff). Main this that can be said about GRAVE to distinguish them from the aforementioned and the likes of UNLEASHED, HETSHEADS, NIHILIST a.s.o. is their sober, chunky sound. Listening to this album really makes me clenching the theet and close my fists, it really seeps HATE from evey single riff. I am not going to discuss much more, this is a classic beyond words. If you don't have it in your collection, you're a cunt.


Tracks (11): 1 - Deformed 2 - In Love 3 - For Your God 4 - Obscure Infinity 5 - Hating Life 6 - Into the Grave 7 - Extremely Rotten Flesh 8 - Haunted 9 - Day of Mourning 10 - Inhuman 11 - Banished to Live