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DISMEMBER (Swe): "Dismembered" tape 1988 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Great, great collector item I think, I haven't really seen this demo much often even back at the beginning of the Death Metal phenomenon: this bands even precedes what later was to become CARNAGE and then reformed with more or less the actual line up. The singer in this demo was named Robban (same Robban who also playerd in CARNAGE). Anyway the demo starts with the infamous track "Deathevokation" which was later recorded in CARNAGE's masterpiece debut (and only) Lp on Necrosis and subsequently as a bonus track in the mini-lp "Pieces" which the band recorded to promote their US tour with PESTILENCE. Still a three piece made up of this Robban, Fred Estby and David Blomqvist, I can only guess how young they were when they recorded this demo, but the song is a bit loose, not even fairly as distorted as their characteristical Swedish sound demanded later. Vocals are hissing and high pitched, sort of BATHORY-like but once you surpass the first approach, they're good, although not OUTSTANDING as those of Matti in this period. After an unreleased track called "Substantially Dead", which is fast but a bit repetitive, the demo ends with "Defective Decay" (I know this song has been lately added to "Like An Everflowing Stream" as a bonus track, with heavily harmonized vocals). Although way simpler, this demo was malign and genuine, and I still love to hear it sometimes, especially if you consider that DISMEMBER has remained my favourite band ever at least until they recorded the great delusion "Casket Garden". Recorded on one side only.


Tracks (3): 1 - Deathevokation 2 - Substantially Dead 3 - Defective Decay