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REEK OF SHITS (Cze): "I Can Feel Your Wound Are Bleeding" Cd 2001 Bizarre Leprous

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: BLP028


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Damn, there's a lot to say about this Cd, and lots of fucking GOOD things. I didn't know REEK OF SHITS before and what I can state is that's a great fucking band, complete in every detail: they have this blatant, encomiable goal of sweetening the departure of the German Gods of Gore: GUT, even the last two songs of this disc are inspired and dedicated to the band. When I read the flyer stating their influence I knew it was no easy task, but actally from track 3 on (the first two are a bit different, somewhat more grinding and fast) the crusty/gruesome rocking mosh of earlier German Gore like DEAD/GUT becomes sublimely evident, there's a lot of samplings, phlegmy throat clearings and bad tasteful sperimentation as well, although not at the level of the first SANITY'S DAWN but I guess you got the idea. The whole artywork idea centers around children photos with faces smashed and crisscrossed by stitches, and the songs titles retain this gore soaked black humour about abnormal feces, children sodomy and other the sicker the better topics. The Cd closes with the second demo tape (that's why your Cd player says 36 songs when you read only 20 in the back booklet) which are substantially on the same frequency as the rest of the disc, a fucking ode to sickness, when I received this Cd I brought it with me for days before leaving it, it really rocks, with the masterful balance of grind/gore with fast yet clear cut tempos, a good assortment of different, gross, entwined throaty gore vocals and good mosh rock/punk downtuned guitars. The band also seems to have a good stage impact, splattered with blood and other nasty substances, although I might be wrong, but according to the song titles, their English mastery could be improved (or at least overseen before the print) eheh. GREAT fucking GREAT Death/Gore release.


Tracks (36): 1 - Why Do You Have a Sperm in Stool, Nanny? 2 - The Digged Up Womb 3 - A Giant Shit 4 - Sadistic Dentist 5 - Keen Scream 6 - Halitosis 7 - The Oversalted Menses 8 - The Splitting Haemorrage from Urinary Duct 9 - The Arse Haemorrage Isn't Merry Anywise 10 - Occasional Paroxysm of Acute Bloody Vomit 11 - Children Anal Orgy 12 - The Bloody Dog Shit 13 - The Excrementious Vomit During of Total Constipation 14 - Excrement Geophagy 15 - Still Birth 16 - Citizen X 17 - Livid Child 18 - The Taboo Room (GUT bless you!) 19 - Consequence (GUT bless you!) 20 - The Bloody Anal Probe 21 - Anal Massacre 22 - Fuck Off and Eat Off 23 - The Nun Agnes's Perspired Jacksy 24 - Pigfire 25 - Jolly Car - Accident 26 - Anal Smear 27 - Flesh yes - Soya No! 28 - Grub the Vegetarians - Spare the Woods! 29 - Emollient of Foetal Water 30 - The Lovely Tertiary Flash Burn on 80% of My Body 31 - Mincing Tracks 32 - Pork Reale in the Arabian Masjid 34 - Merry Mental People 35 - Burned Head 36 - The Effluent From Fetid Fester's Ear