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MUCUPURULENT (Ger): "Sicko-Baby" Cd 1997 Sub Zero

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

MUCUPURULENT had at the time of the release of this Cd, still a very groovy, rocking pace, sounding like a solid cross between DEAD meets LIBIDO AIRBAG, though neither of both bands really define their music. The vocals are a bit high in the mixing, and the bubbling tone of the lower ones (mixed with some higher pitched choirs) gives an impression that they come right out of the stomach, anyway the basic, chopping riffs have that kind of catchiness that remind me of older German Death Metal acts, even hardcore/punk sometimes in their simplicity, something that made other big bands like DEAD and GUT so catchy and entertaining. Anyway MUCUPURULENT blast as well, rinvigorting their songs with some grinding, thick accelerations not always keeping it mid-tempo. Lyrics are not printed in thebooklet but if they follow the titles they must be genuine porn-grind. It's funny becouse the contrast between the two vocals is very neat, the higher become shrill sometimes, while the vocals are really very, very low... powerful, convincing production, excellent if you can get into the vocal shifts.


Tracks (21): 1 - Lacerated Tits 2 - Cybersex Deliria 3 - Scrotal Hernia 4 - Oral Sex Masturbation 5 - Mangled to the Gore 6 - Pussy Berserker 7 - Suborbital Ejaculation 8 - Abhorrent Dissection 9 - Splattering Nirvana 10 - Vaginal Cancer 11 - Gay's Errection 12 - Cumshot Messiah 13 - Stainless Spoon 14 - Corroded Testicles 15 - Splatter Whore 16 - Fistfucked Baby 17 - Spermsoaked Bitch Consumer 18 - Pierced by a Driller 19 - Extra Uterine Pregnancy 20 - Urethal Discharge 21 - Outro